Гонче ловно Френско (Синьо Гасконско гонче)Гонче ловно Руско (Руска..Пегая)

Гонче ловно Швейцарско (Бернски Лапхунд)


Berner Laufhund

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Височина: 15 to 23 inches;

Тегло: 60 - 88 pounds;

Качества и предназначения:
Гонче ловно Швейцарско  (Бернски Лапхунд --- The Berner Laufhund dogs are indeed a man’s best friend. They are the most common and most suited pet for humans. They are various reasons for this. They are very loyal, obedient and not very difficult to look after. They form very strong bonds with their masters which helps the owner as well as the dog. Dogs have been used over the centuries for various activities. They are the perfect companion. Some have been bred to become hunting dogs, retrieving and pointing. Some others have been bred to become herding dogs. These dogs have some very special skills. They have a very strong sense of smell, and are very agile and alert. Herding livestock is a very tricky business. Hounds are another class of hunting dogs.The Berner Laufhund has its roots in hunting. Since they were used to hunt large animals they are a fearless lot. They will get aggressive and difficult to handle if they are not trained well and given good exercise. Thus the Berner Laufhund breed is comfortable when they are on an open ranch. They are equally comfortable indoors. The Berner Laufhund breed has evolved well from an aggressive hunting dog to a good companion.

Екстериор: Гонче ловно Швейцарско  (Бернски Лапхунд  --- The Berner Laufhund has become a very successful show dog. This is because of their easy trainability and strong sense ability to obey orders. They were trained to do exactly as they were told on a ranch because a small mistake would mean getting trampled between hooves of large livestock. Hence their show capability has always been very high.  Hounds are the biggest and the best of the hunting dogs. They are very able hunters and have some very strong features. One of the famous hounds is the Berner Laufhund. This breed is a majestic and beautiful dog. They have a very strong presence. The Berner Laufhund is a very athletic and powerful breed. . They have very strong legs. The shoulders are also strong. The chest pushes out and gives the dog a bold look. The most distinctive feature of the dog is its droopy ears. They are very long and extend to a third of the shoulder. This is the most distinguishing feature of the dog effectively masking its rough and hard back ground